Plum Island in January

January 7, 2012. My boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably bright, warm sun and drive 45 minutes north of Boston to Plum Island.

The colors begged to be painted. But I’m not a painter.

Walking along the beach we found quaint scenes and make shift shelters. The extra little touches of decor made this one particularly inviting.

The smooth hard sand exposed by low tide was patterned with purplish stains, resulting in this cool animal print effect

I was struck by the image of this sumac tree against the late afternoon sky

Rows of winterberry trees offered a bold and unexpected burst of color amidst bare branches lining the dirt road

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3 Responses to Plum Island in January

  1. What beautiful pictures! I think the sand is purplish from having garnet in it.

  2. Diane Moss says:

    Looks gorgeous! You really captured the beauty in those photos!

  3. Jessica says:

    great pictures! you have a natural eye for photograhy 🙂

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